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Proudly serving over 72,000 people in Charlotte and surrounding areas since 2017. 

As one of North Carolina's few independent food pantries, we prioritize breaking down barriers to food insecurity, ensuring that everyone has equitable access to food. Join us in our mission to provide nourishment and support to those in need, as we strive to create a more equitable and nourished future for all.

Looking for assistance?

We provide shelf stable and perishable groceries, personal care products, baby needs including diapers and formula, and pet supplies.

We offer convenient curbside and delivery services for food assistance, available by appointment only during service hours.

To see if you qualify for assistance, and to schedule an appointment, please click below. 

What is food insecurity?

Food insecurity encompasses not only financial challenges but also barriers to accessing healthy and affordable food, such as limited transportation options, and lack of nearby grocery stores.


In Mecklenburg County, over 35% of households with children experience food insecurity, meaning they often struggle to obtain nutritious meals. This can result in consuming less healthy food and having irregular eating patterns due to limited access to affordable options.

Hearts and Hands addresses food insecurity by diligently providing emergency food assistance to individuals and families in need across Mecklenburg County. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that essential nourishment reaches those facing food insecurity, striving to alleviate this challenge through our services.

About Us

Hearts and Hands Food Pantry, established in 2017 by Sandra Marks and Kenya Joseph, serves over 72,000 people in Charlotte and surrounding areas, providing long-term support to vulnerable communities. With a firm belief in food as a basic human right, Hearts and Hands Food Pantry remains fully independent, ensuring accessibility and low barriers to assistance for all. Through ongoing growth and community engagement, the pantry aims to expand food access in underserved neighborhoods and food deserts, prioritizing fresh, nutritious options for those in need.

Client Review

"This ministry has been a tremendous blessing during the pandemic and after the workers there are extremely kind and go out thier way to try to get the items the customers ask for. This is one of the best pantries in Charlotte and Huntersville North Carolina not only do they give food but the personal items are really really much needed and they supply them. Thank you so much for going out the way and helping supply the needs of many."

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